Rush fans have a culture all their own, with people overlapping the various fan groups, in person and online. As with any community, they have their own lingo. This glossary is by no means complete and needs your input. You can email them or comment on the Rush Fans' Glossary thread on the Facebook page. Please help out and make the entry complete, by using this example:

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Alex Side
Stage right at a concert, whether Rush or not.
"Are your Foo Fighters tickets Alex side?"

BGH (Big Giant Hand)
Often seen in your concert photos.
"That's a great photo of Alex, even with that BGH."

Big Al Day
Big Al Day was a law that King Lerxst enacted on Montserrat when the band was there to mix Power Windows (all the drinks were free on the first Monday of each week). See Power Windows tour book.
"Yeah that's what the world needs: more "Big Al Days". —King Lerxst
[Thanks to Derek Bacharach]

Geddy Lee's nickname. According to Pratt, "Geddy was commonly "Dirk," which derived from an invented name for an archetypical rock bass player, or secret agent - Dirk Lee." —Neil Peart, "Roadshow"
"Did you see Julie's sign at the KC show?! It read, "Dirk, here's that thing you ordered."

Front row tickets.
"I've got fronts for opening night next tour!"

Geddy Side
Stage left at a concert, whether Rush or not.
"Are your Foo Fighters tickets Geddy side?"

A Geddycorn is a mythical creature similar to a unicorn. It is a good-looking female that attends a RUSH concert without having to be coaxed to do so by a dude. She is turned on by Geddy Lee and not afraid to show it.
"I went to the RUSH show last night and saw the hottest Geddycorn ever. She was in the 4th row Geddy side and wasn't even with a dude!"
[From with spelling correction of Geddycorn from the Clockwork Angels video intro.]

Alex Lifeson's nickname (his full nickname is H.R.H. King Lerxst, King of Schmengland, according to the Power Windows tourbook), "which came from a long-ago, exaggerated pronunciation of his name as "A-lerxst". —Neil Peart, "Roadshow"
"I'm going to wear my RushCon "Lerxst is King" shirt again because Alex gave me a thumbs up after seeing it at the last show."
The brand name of an all hand-wired amplifier (and extension cabinet) made by Mojotone, in partnership with Alex Lifeson.
"I am so blown away by the fantastic job you [Steve Snyder] and your colleagues [at Mojotone] have done creating the Lerxst amp for me. We pulled the Marshall last night after A/B-ing the two. The tonal character is quite similar but the response of the Lerxst has greater immediacy, sustain and grip. It sounds so good!" —Alex Lifeson

It's "street" lingo for "know what I'm saying?" made popular in the Rush community by Jonathan Torrens' J-Roc character on Trailer Park Boys.
"That Rush concert was whack!...nomesayin'?"

Oaks and Maples
The oaks are tall people who should stand behind the shorter maples when arranging a group photo at a Rush gathering.
"Group photo time...oaks in back; maples in front."
[Thanks to Stacey Rose]

Orbit Room
The Orbit Room is a Toronto bar owned by Alex Lifeson and Tim Notter.
"Are you going to the RushCon party at The Orbit Room?"

Originally coined by music critic Jim Harrington, “The more fervent of these air-drummers were so into it that they looked like they were practicing some new, yet unnamed, form of martial arts. We’ll call it Peart-Fu." But it's since morphed into meaning any "super power" that you get from Neil Peart's drumming, such as the uncanny ability to get photos of his stick tosses.
"Mike was really feeling the Peart-Fu in Hershey...did you see he got Conky in a stick toss photo?!"

Neil Peart's nickname. According to Pratt himself: "Over the years, I have been called ... Pratt, which was a play on the various butcherings of my simple Anglo-Saxon surname, "Peert," which the other guys were amused to hear everybody, from hotel staff to fans, insist on pronouncing "Pert," "Part," "Pairt," and even "Pee-art." (I prefer to think my friends' choice of nickname for me has no relation to the English slang word "prat," meaning "ass.") ... Pratt was the name that endured ..." —Neil Peart, "Roadshow"
"Did you see that Pratt was smiling after that drum solo?!"

An annual gathering of Rush Fans, held in multiple locations, who call themselves Rats. The term "Rats" is a silly but fun name designated for their craving of pellets (anything Rush related).
"Who's all going to RatCon this year?"

Rocket Sauce
An invisible substance, similar to the Nickelodeon slime, that fans get blasted with during a Rush concert.
"I can hardly wait to get me some rocket sauce on the R40 Tour!"
[Thanks to Lance Kasten]

When something is cool enough to be compared to the best thing to come from Canada, Rush.
"Oh dude, that was so Rush of you to buy booze for us." — cygnusgodofbalance

Rush Backstage Club
The official website for Rush merchandise run by Patrick McLoughlin of Showtech Merchandising at
"Do you remember back when the Rush Backstage Club had a newsletter?"

Rush Code
A personalized line of coded symbols which is meant to display basic, unique information about your Rush fandom.
"Dude, that's some cool stats on your Rush Code!"

Rush Rats
A group of 400+ Rush fans, who call themselves Rats due to their craving of “pellets” which is considered anything Rush-related. Most of them correspond via their own private Facebook page, some of them attend the annual RatCon party and all plan pre-party gatherings in their cities prior to Rush and other concerts together.
"Hey Rush Rats, I'm going to see Steven Wilson in LA...anyone else going?"

Rush Reference
When you hear or say something that quotes anything (lyrics, song titles, videos, etc.) by Rush, no matter how obscure.
"...Garrett says, "What's that smell?" I said, "Garrett! That's a total Rush reference!" And I explained it to him. He said, "Cut to the chase, Mom! What really is that smell?!" I said, "Garrett! That was another Rush reference!" He said, "I know! That's why I said it!..."
[Thanks to Stacey Rose and Garrett Briskin]
Rush Pop Culture References in Literature and Film
A chronological listing of all known literary and theatrical productions inspired by Rush, as well as all known occurrences of Rush references in pop culture excluding references made during talk shows, game shows, sporting events, news programs, etc., as they are too numerous to list.

Rush Sighting
Whenever you see something that reminds you of Rush.
"I passed by a mailbox that had a 2112 address."
[Thanks to Dave Steiner]

The largest North American gathering of fans celebrating the music of Canadian rock band, Rush. Often held in Rush's home town, Toronto.
"Are you going to RushCon this year?"

It's what some people call marijuana.
"It was funny to see Alex and Geddy talking about bowls of soup in that DVD extra documentary."

Train Wreck
Something going wrong on stage while Rush performs.
"OMG - Videos from the Indy show are on here and you can see Alex's train wreck during Tom Sawyer at about 4:42."
[Thanks to Derek Bacharach]
Trainwreck is a group of musicians with disabilities, established in 2005 by their conductor, Rush fan Karl Sloman, who designed a way to allow them to access music through electronics and triggers in both their wheelchairs and separate unique designs.
"Another way you could support Trainwreck is to purchase their t-shirt."

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