Have you heard that if you wait until you're ready to do something (something major like having a child or buying a house), you never will? Well, the end of the Clockwork Angels tour was my deadline. Ready or not, Rush Fan Stories (working title) is full steam ahead.

I believe the time is now and the enthusiasm indicates that I'm not alone. I suspect if you went to at least one show this tour, that last sentence made you say "Yes!" out loud. I also suspect that if you went to more shows than you had any business going to, you shouted that Yes!, and are probably verklempt. Many people (people like me...fans who haven't missed a tour in decades) have agreed that this has been (hands down!) THE BEST TOUR EVER!!!

The intent of this book is not to give every fan their own page to do with what they will. While it would be great to have a Who's Who of Rush fans in the future, it wouldn't make for an interesting read right now. I envision taking the memories from my own extraordinary Rush experiences, weaving in the stories from fan submissions, and presenting it in an oral history sort of way. I'm planning for a coffee table book that contains a cohesive story, divided by themed chapters on subjects such as stage souvenirs and interactions (apparently, Geddy is "famous" for winking at people up front...who knew?!). Of course, there will be graphics (photos and such), plus some surprise appendices too. Due to the enthusiasm and the passionate nature of a lot of the submissions, the subtitle of this book is now Volume One.

The bottom line is that I want to do the right thing for everybody: the band, their families and crew, as well as us fans. While I did post a list of especially sought-after criteria, I do not wish to leave behind the dedicated fan that doesn't meet these criteria. If Rush has affected your life in such a profound way that you want to put it into words, by all means, please do so. This is not a competition; it's about sharing what has made Rush special to us.

Some will be concerned about how their submissions will be used and copyrighted, and being a private person, I get that. One thing that I can say, is that the raw data from the website submission form will not be released or distributed. I'm a dedicated Rush fan, not a seasoned author, so please be understanding and nice. I probably have no business doing this very public thing for such an incredibly discriminating group of people, but am compelled to do so anyway. I am open to suggestions and feedback, as long as it's positive and constructive. Nothing is set in stone right now; I'm gathering information to see where this takes us. Hopefully, someplace as magical as the Clockwork Angels tour!

P.S. I need a Rush fan attorney to assist with the minors that are begging to be included. Since Rush has become a multi-generational band, they are an important demographic, but I'll need legal assistance to be able to include them.

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